Hear My Cry Oh Lord – Poem

So now I sit and wait

Wondering if it is too late

Waiting for answers to my questions

Everyone giving me suggestions

Oh what a journey this has been

Asking God when when when

When will this be over

When will Your healing spillover

Day and night we pray

That she will reach her next birthday

Lord we need more time

We know You are working overtime

All of our needs we bring before You

We know there is still much to do

We call upon Your name

The name of Jesus we claim

We cry out with our souls

Please make Kristeen whole

Each day brings new circumstances

Yet You have provided for all of our finances

God you amaze

Our hearts set ablaze

We believe You raised

Jesus Christ as everyone gave praise

Do it again Lord

We pray in one accord

We call upon Thee

To set Kristeen free

Bind up that cancer

You are the only answer

May all the people see

In Jesus name cancer does flee

We place our faith in You

Please make Kristeen brand new

I have entered my cry

Now I wait for Your reply…


Copyright 2018 KNG Music & Praise First Publishing


If I …

If I poured my heart out to you, would you stop & listen?

If I had a story to share would you have a moment to hear?

How many times have I said my day is fine, but you never cared enough to question me?

If I was drowning would you stop to save me?

If I was stuck in a fire would you jump in to rescue me?

If I was living in sin, would you care enough to share the truth?

So many questions and yet how would you respond? Do we care enough about our brothers and sisters to be there in crucial moments. Is your Christian walk just a walk or is it a marathon that you are chasing after God? As we walk closer with the Lord the answers to these many questions become so clear. You won’t have to second guess, you won’t have to worry, doubt, or even let fear creep in. Jesus died on the cross to allow the Holy Spirit to dwell in you. Never take for granted the promises that are stated in the word of God. You are a child of God, you are the salt and light of this world, you can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you. Stop worrying about who will be offended. Won’t they be more upset if they are burning in a lake of fire and you never said a word?

Draw Me Back To Thee – Poem

If I was poor

Would you open your door

If I was on the floor

Would you help me more

If I had no clothes in my drawer

Would you take me to a store

How many times

Would you offer your dime

How many rhymes

Must I share before you will climb

It is lunch time

The food I have is sour like a lime

How much would it cost

For you to help save the lost

How much food have you tossed

Speaking hot air like exhaust

It is cold, I can see the frost

Yet all you talk about is that cross

How can I focus on such a thing

My stomach is still growling

Just a piece of bread will make me sing

Warm me like a hot spring

I am still waiting for you to bring

Me to this Man that you call King

You talk about Him day and night

What good is that, I am full of fright

You talk of Jesus being a bright light

But in my darkness I have lost sight

Please oh please just share the highlights

Let your good news be my flashlight

Lead me back to where I belong

I walked away and I know I was wrong

I want to find my new song

So I can sing His praises all the day long

Can I come along

When is He coming, I hope it won’t be long

My body is weak

My outlook is bleak

The people call me a freak

My joints make loud creaks

Why is Jesus so unique

Please teach me to seek

You said He died for my sin

Why would anyone die for this has been

You said that Jesus did win

Conquered death, did He have a twin

When did this all begin

How can Jesus live within

I want to have this new life you speak of

I want to receive His love

Please God bless me from above

Show me Your truelove

I am ready to shove

The old me aside and fall in love

With the one who made me

The one who saved me

Jesus I need Thee

To open my heart with Your key

Please set me free

And draw me back to Thee!

Copyright 2017 KNG Music and Praise First Publishing


In Your Darkest Hour…

In your darkest hour I can’t save you. I can share what Jesus has done in my life, but I can’t make you accept Him. I can tell of all the wondrous things He has done, but I can’t make you see them for yourself.

My faith is not your faith and it never will be. You have to experience Jesus for yourself. You have to invite that relationship. It is like a blind date, I can’t go on the date for you. Buckle up, step on the gas, and put your soul on drive to seek out the Lord.

Time is of the essence. We don’t know if tomorrow will ever come so do it today. No matter how much I scream of His return, it is up to you to believe. The Bible declares that Jesus will return, even the Quran says that also yet you don’t believe?

I place my trust in the Lord, that He will provide for all my needs according to His riches and glory. I place no faith in man because I have been let down time and time again. Wake up and take the bull by the horns, no more excuses.

Jesus died on a cross for you and me. The Bible declares it, the history books show it, but yet you question it?

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that He gave his only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.”

I am not asking you to believe what I am saying. I am asking you to search your heart and ask God to show you with your own eyes how real He really is! There is no substitute! There is no other way to Heaven. Don’t let the life coaches try to coach you to being a good person, that will never be enough.

We all need Jesus!

Will you accept Him today? 😇

The Savior of the World is Coming – Poem

We know

But do the lost know

If God really cared

Would you be spared?

How would you know?

Which way you should go?

Jesus died for YOU bro

Washed you white as snow

What does that really mean?

How can you believe if you have never seen?

By faith my son

Put down that gun

Your problems can be overcome

Because sin has been undone

Jesus is the key

To set you free

But freedom has a price

Don’t let that melt like ice

Hold onto that promise

Don’t let anyone dismiss

The word of God has power

Partake of it, His word is never sour

Now is the time to invite

Together we will excite

Ignite the lost like a forest fire

Together we will inspire

The Savior of the world is coming

I can hear the drummer drumming

Come now Lord

Deliver us from the sword

Save us from this place

Let us not be a disgrace

I pray for Your love

To shower us from above

Rain down like a monsoon

Fill me like a balloon

Holy Spirit pour out

Remove any & ALL doubt.

Copyright 2016 KNGMusic & Praise First Publishing