If You Only Knew – Poem

If you only knew

What happened when I was through

I tried to give up

But for some reason God refilled my cup

I tried to run away

But God called me back and invited me to stay

How many times must I try to run

Every time my life comes undone

My pain is more than I can bear

Which is why I cry to Jesus because this world is not fair

Broken relationships almost did me in

Then I was reminded of how Jesus forgives our sin

But God you just don’t understand

How many times I have been burnt, I can’t count them on one hand

Lord I can’t do this anymore

I keep falling and hitting the floor

Why can’t you end this life of mine

You are in charge not Father Time

No matter what the score

I can’t come back anymore

This game is over, I am finished

I was strong like Popeye and his spinach

But then reality set in

And I finally gave in

How can I face tomorrow

When today already has me in sorrow

You don’t understand

I have always been banned

Turned away

Every person pushed, that came my way

But now You say it will all be okay?

How do You know, this pain won’t go away

I pray and pray and ask to be set free

But the shade continues to come like an oak tree

Caught up in darkness no matter how hard I fight

Jesus I think it is time to turn off this light

And say goodnight

Then I will be alright

Stuck in darkness with nothing to see

I don’t think You have the power to break me free

I should have been gone a long time ago

But You came and sat next to me like a bro

God my pain it causes such strain

Just like my newspaper caught in the rain

The words are beginning to smear

Please take away all my fear

I know I can’t do this alone

But thank God You are sitting upon the throne

Help me God to over come

Remove everything that has caused me to become numb

I pray dear God that today will change

I am tired of feeling so strange

My bride needs You more than me

Yet my own fear is all I can see

Lord we pray for continued healing

You know how hard I have been dealing

Trying to get past what satan has been stealing

Back on my knees I continue kneeling

Praying for something more

Praying you will open a new door

We need a breakthrough in her body and for my soul

Restore what satan has stole

God my heart is weak

I come before You, the outcome looks bleak

Please dear God give me more time

The time has come for me to end this rhyme


Now That Is Something I Can Applaud❗️ – Poem

Don’t be so raw that you’re hard

Words so sharp they cut like a chard

We need people that speak truth

Bring back that old phone booth

Super Man lost his cover

It’s time for us to rediscover

Jesus died for your heart

He took the shot like a fiery dart

Satan tried Him

God saved Him

Rose again like a boss

But you too busy shopping at Ross

Looking for a bargain

Meanwhile Jesus rose again

He wants to save you

Ring that up, that is true

Stop trying to blow money on worldly things

Salvation is better than a diamond ring

No matter how many times

I keep spitting the same rhyme

It falls on death ears

Too busy drinking them beers

Does the truth hurt

You to busy trying to flirt

Looking for love in all the wrong places

But even CSI can’t find any traces

Love is not found just anywhere

Love is it found at the fair

Love is not found in any pair

Jesus died to remove the despair

Jesus is love

He came from above

To take it all on the cross

To give you access to come across

There is only one way

Don’t let anyone lead you astray

Jesus is the only

Stop falling for the phony

The one true God

Now that is something I can applaud❗️

Copyright 2017 KNGMusic & Praise First Publishing

Do You Remember When…

Do you remember the first time you received bad news? Last week my wife was in the hospital with what everyone thought was pneumonia. The doctor did a bronchoscopy and didn’t find any tumors so we thought we were in the clear. The biopsy takes a couple of days to come back. I was the first one to get the phone call and the doctor said, “it is cancer.” I was immediately in shock, I didn’t know how to respond, well how could I other then scream internally and question God why why why?

Kristeen’s mom died from lung cancer that metastasized to her brain about 3.5 years ago, but her mom smoked and was much older. I couldn’t comprehend how this could be happening to such a young woman. My wife has been such a giving person of herself and her time to so many people. I immediately thought God I am not ready to give my wife to you, I need her here, my kids need her here.

Yesterday we met with the oncologist and he gave us what the treatment options are. Of course I wasn’t thrilled with our options or the fact that this cancer is not cureable according to modern day medicine, but I still hold on to the fact that I serve a miracle working God and just because the doctors say there is no way doesn’t mean that God can’t do it. My dad was told he would never walk again and he has been walking for many years still.

The prognosis was very scary, I won’t lie about that, but I had to ask what the doctors thought about how much more time I would have with my wife. Some of you may know and understand that Kristeen is at stage 4 and the cancer has spread from her lungs, to her bones, and even to her brain. I try not to focus on the time we have left, but instead leave time in God’s hand while I take in every moment I have left with my bride. I love my wife and wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world.

I will leave everyone with this, don’t take anything for granted and be thankful for everything that God has blessed you with because in an instant everything can change.

Love Is Tricky – Poem

Love isn’t just an emotion

Or even a magic potion

God designed it with a purpose

He provides a surplus

When you are all alone

You can feel Him in your bones

Your eyes can not see

But in the Trinity there is three

Why do we not trust

Broken down with rust

Bent out of shape

Pieced together with tape

Lord we hurt so much

We long for Your touch

Shine your light upon us

Help me not to cuss

So many thoughts trapped inside

How come I can’t find a bride

I want to feel complete

I want someone sweet

To have and to hold

Before I get too old

Show me your plan

Teach me to be a fisherman

Not just for someone for me

But also to help others see

That Your plan is better

For You I write this letter

Help me to love

Help me to find truelove

I am willing to trust my life to You

Make my dark skies turn blue

With Christ I can overcome

Help me to become

The person you made me to be

Together let’s agree

That alone I will fail

But with You I can sail

No longer left all alone

Because you have shown

Me how to love and expect nothing

Your love is very touching

With You I am made whole

I have finally found my self-control

Bring me someone special

I promise to be careful

Love them like You have loved me

Together we will cross the sea

Whatever it takes

No matter how high the stakes

We will give you the glory

And that is my story…

No More Tears Of Sorrow – Poem

Have you ever felt battered?

Have you ever felt tattered?

Have you ever felt scattered?

Like nothing really mattered?

Pushed to the edge

Forced to recite a pledge

Yet not understanding

How am I even still standing

How can I get out

Trying to scream and shout

No voice comes out

Feeling nothing but doubt

Flooding to capacity

Can you believe the audacity

Who can I tell

That I am living in hell

Burning with emotion

Like a raging ocean

But all you see is

Nothing but bubbles & fizz

There is more than you know

Can you see the plateau

Things continue to come up

Life is full of buildup

One thing after another

Have you told your brother

Keeping it all in

Is like trying to hide sin

It continues to boil

Until it smells spoiled

Rotten, stinking like day old fish

Whatever happened to my wish

The truth is the devil is a liar

He tries to make you walk the wire

High above the world with nothing below

To soften the blow

As he tries to repeatedly knock you down

Turning your smile into a frown

He knows how to push your buttons

Until all of a sudden

You fall off the wire

Into his well kept fire

He loved when you would admire

Yourself, & change your attire

Until it was all about you

No God No friends just little old you

Separated we will surely fail

No one there to post bail

But yet there was one

Everyone called Him the Son

A man who came into this world as a baby

Will you accept Him, well maybe

Why are you not sure

Didn’t you read the brochure

Jesus died for the lost

To pay the cost

That no one could

Because who else would

Give up their life for what

There is no other shortcut

There is only one way to Heaven

Even though false preachers make up 7

Do you know the truth

It is sweeter than a Baby Ruth

God’s plan to save all mankind

You just have to open your mind

Read the gospel and receive His word

Now you can never say you never heard

I try my best

To share this treasure chest

My hope is in the Lord

It is time to get onboard

Make the decision and let Him reign

Let Him remove all the pain

No more tears of sorrow

He holds tomorrow

If this wasn’t true

Then I would have blew

My brains out long ago

None of this is show

One day I sat on my bed

Wishing I was dead

I had the gun

Was ready for it to be done

But God did stop me

He opened my eyes to see

That suicide was just an excuse

That I shouldn’t choose

He had more for me to do

And today I know this is true

Nothing in life is easy

I pray my poem did not make you wheezy

Nothing more true than salvation

That is available for every tribe & nation

God I pray You continue to use me

Use me to share Thee

With You Lord we can overcome

All these feelings of being numb

Every day is a gift

Hold my hand so I never drift

Keep me in Your will

Until the day You come to fill

The prophecies have been told

Help me to remain bold

Copyright 2017 KNG Music and Praise First Publishing

Will You Stand Up For The Truth? – Poem

Will you stand up for the truth

Are you lost like the youth

When people attack

Do you want to hit back

Has life

Brought you nothing but strife

Are you ready to give up

Because of a breakup

This world can be cold

But when will you be bold

Will you be a witness before the judge

Or will you try to fudge

The rules

Like you did back in school

Nobody wants to take the blame

They would rather hide in their shame

Turn their backs

And cover their tracks

What happened to the righteous few

Who always knew

Whether to stand true

Or pass on through

You see, people don’t care

But they will complain “that’s not fair”

They will look at you with a blank stare

And complain about what you wear

Like that really matters anymore

Last night you slept on the floor

They don’t want to hear you are sore

Just complain about how loud you snore

Why can’t you get it right

I don’t have time to fight

No one left to give a kiss goodnight

All alone and full of fright

We need soldiers who are ready for battle

Who are not afraid of a rattle

The serpent has laid his trap

Many have fallen between the gap

The Church has lost their purpose today

Constantly trying to find a better way

To keep people that walk in the door

But who is really keeping the score

The bigger the building means what

Come inside and enjoy this donut

We want you to be comfortable here

Please don’t disappear

Do you have any friends to bring

5, now that is a beautiful ring

My ears can count the people

Listening to footsteps of the townspeople

1, 2, 3, four

They keep walking in the door

Is there really more to this process

Or are we just trying to get your adddress

Give us all your information

Invite in every nation

Fill you up like a gas station

And tell you about God’s creation

Can we do more

To fight this war

Christians are under attack

Should we fallback

Lay down on our backs

Pretend that the fake news is whack

Or maybe it is time to jump back

Get the Church back on track

Realize that the devil has been brewing

Using sin to continue wooing

The fleshly desires of man

This has always been his plan

Read your Bible and comprehend

That sin is not your friend

A sneaky snake tried to pretend

That a forbidden fruit would not offend

Never test the wrath of God

Mankind has since been flawed

In need of a Savior

Because of our behavior

Jesus took the weight of the cross

To cast our sins across

From as far as the East is to the West

Jesus gave you His best

Died and laid in a tomb

It must have been dark like your mother’s womb

Waiting for God to raise Him

The disciplines felt grim

But my Jesus could not be bound

He rose out of the grave and was crowned

Today we wait for His return

All of this you must learn

Time is short like a candle that has been lit

Eventually you will have to admit

When Jesus returns in all His glory

That this poem was not an empty story.
Copyright 2017 KNG Music and Praise First Publishing

God Provides Much – Poem

You thought it would be better

Until you felt cold like a winter with no sweater

You ran to where you thought was safe

Not realizing it caused your soul to chafe

You want to get back to where you once were

But the past has become a blur

You want to have what you once did

But the past was closed with a tight lid

How can you get back

When you lost the track

You can try to recreate

Doesn’t mean the food will taste the same on that plate

The weight of that decision

Has caused you to seek out a new vision

Maybe we can change & morph into something new

Or maybe you just lost that sticky glue

That kept it all together

Despite the painful cold weather

But now it is a new season

You keep looking for the reason

Why did God close that door

Why did you get knocked to the floor

Man will try many things to draw you in

But be careful not to let it be a sin

Life is full of many decisions

Be sure to pray for God’s provisions

If we take the wrong path

It could lead to God’s wrath

So choose wisely & don’t make haste

Because your decisions must be faced

Let your relationship with God be the true reason

That you have chosen to fall into this season

Never let anyone drive you to breaking

It is time for our eyes to begin waking

The truth is exposed for all to see

I pray that you will fall to your knee

Come back to where God wants you to be

Under the branches of this olive tree

Under His wing is warm & calm

When is the last time you read the Psalm

The word of God helps bring us wisdom

When dealing with topics outside of the kingdom

Trust God to open your eyes

To anyone who tries to bring you lies

I wish nothing but the best for you

Even if you decide to leave this crew

Make sure it is God who is calling

And not just your spirit which is stalling

The true voice of God speaks strong

He wants His family to all get along

So stop trying to divide

When Christ says the Church is my bride

Together united we will win

Continue to search within

For the call that God keeps placing

He wants to keep embracing

The feelings that you keep chasing

Together we must be facing

The time is short

Bring it all into God’s court

Let us not contort

The truth but instead show support

God teach us to trust

And no longer combust

Over things that are unjust

Instead we thrust

All our emotions, feelings, and such

To the Lord my God who provides much.

Copyright 2017 KNGMusic and Praise First Publishing

Draw Me Back To Thee – Poem

If I was poor

Would you open your door

If I was on the floor

Would you help me more

If I had no clothes in my drawer

Would you take me to a store

How many times

Would you offer your dime

How many rhymes

Must I share before you will climb

It is lunch time

The food I have is sour like a lime

How much would it cost

For you to help save the lost

How much food have you tossed

Speaking hot air like exhaust

It is cold, I can see the frost

Yet all you talk about is that cross

How can I focus on such a thing

My stomach is still growling

Just a piece of bread will make me sing

Warm me like a hot spring

I am still waiting for you to bring

Me to this Man that you call King

You talk about Him day and night

What good is that, I am full of fright

You talk of Jesus being a bright light

But in my darkness I have lost sight

Please oh please just share the highlights

Let your good news be my flashlight

Lead me back to where I belong

I walked away and I know I was wrong

I want to find my new song

So I can sing His praises all the day long

Can I come along

When is He coming, I hope it won’t be long

My body is weak

My outlook is bleak

The people call me a freak

My joints make loud creaks

Why is Jesus so unique

Please teach me to seek

You said He died for my sin

Why would anyone die for this has been

You said that Jesus did win

Conquered death, did He have a twin

When did this all begin

How can Jesus live within

I want to have this new life you speak of

I want to receive His love

Please God bless me from above

Show me Your truelove

I am ready to shove

The old me aside and fall in love

With the one who made me

The one who saved me

Jesus I need Thee

To open my heart with Your key

Please set me free

And draw me back to Thee!

Copyright 2017 KNG Music and Praise First Publishing


Excuses Excuses – Sermon Notes

Is your excuse good enough?

Welcome back to Faith Matters, you won’t believe what happened to me the other day.  I was driving to work and the car started acting up.  I got downtown and then all of a sudden when the light turned green I stepped on the gas and the car wasn’t moving.  Talk about a little scary.  It had a delay before it started moving.  The engine started making some noise and I started praying.  I made it up to the 5th floor of the parking garage and left it there.  I took some time off of work so that I could take it into the dealership to get looked at.  When proceeding down the garage the engine light decided to come on and I was having a problem getting the car to respond properly when I hit the gas.  I pulled over and called for a tow truck.  The tow truck driver couldn’t find me even though I gave him the exact street and location.  Once he got the car in tow we drove to the dealership so they could take a look at it.  I needed a rental and the guy said they didn’t have any more rentals.  I was like okay no big deal; he had to drive me to another location to get me a car.  We get there and the car was dirty, he asked if I wanted it washed and I said no that is fine, I am an easy going person.  He then checked the gas and there was only 1/8th of a tank.  I told him I would need some gas because it is hard to bring back a rental with no gas.  He took it to the gas station and brought it back for me.  Finally, 3 hours after leaving work I was able to go home.  Most people would have lost their lid, but I stayed calm, listened to my Christian music, and read my Bible verses about patience.  Now what happened to me that night you will have to wait until the end of this podcast to hear about.

First, let us open up with prayer because in prayer we can be at peace with the Lord.  Heavenly Father I have had a long brutal day, but because of Your word and Your promises I can still be at peace.  Bad things can happen all around me, but I look to keep my eyes fixed on You during these storms so that I don’t fall into the ocean of despair.  Lord thank you for saving me today from what could have been miserable and turning it into something awesome.  Please help me as I share today some more of my personal testimony and how You have worked in my life.  Let my words touch the hearts of those who are listening.  In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

The other day I was having a conversation with one of my close friends Jimmy and something he said sparked my desire for this message.  Jimmy and I have been like two swords that constantly are sharpening each other for the glory of God.

Proverbs 27:17 Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.

I don’t understand it, but countless times I have said something to Jimmy that has inspired his sermons and he has said something that has inspired my sermons.  I have learned to stop asking and just trust that God wants to use it in a big way.  At first I had that casual thought, maybe it was a coincidence, but it happened repeatedly and too many times to be a coincidence.  It was a God thing and no other way to explain it.

Jimmy was telling me that he wanted to do a podcast about worrying being a sin.  Which he just recently released so if you haven’t heard it please message me and I will send you a direct link.  If you are online reading the notes later then I will add it in for you.

And with that simple statement Jimmy caused me to think about what type of excuses that I have created to cover my own sin or to try and avoid what God has called me too.  I am not going to dig into Jimmy’s topic because I will let him bring that to light, but I do want to discuss excuses and how we let them creep in and take over our lives.

The definition of excuse as a verb is:

Attempt to lessen the blame attaching to (a fault or offense); seek to defend or justify.
release (someone) from a duty or requirement

The definition of excuse as a noun is:
a reason or explanation put forward to defend or justify a fault or offense.
a poor or inadequate example of.

How many times have you come up with an excuse to defend yourself or justify to God why you can’t do something?  I can tell you many times that I gave excuses to God because I didn’t want to do something.

Let’s flash back to my college years when the weekends were my down time.  Almost every single Sunday morning I told God that I was too tired to get up and go to church.  I wanted to sleep in and relax.  Do you want to know why I was so tired?  There was this awesome game that came out called 007 Goldeneye and me and my roommates would stay up to 2 or 3 in the morning playing 2 vs. 2.  We had such a great time, but in doing so I decided I had to cut God out of His time so that I could enjoy myself.

What about the many times that God called upon me to give more money for the missionary that was visiting our church?  How about the times that God told me to pay for someone else to attend a conference?  I never liked giving up my money and if I am being completely honest I was stingy and didn’t feel like I had too.  Now imagine, by me saying no and not providing like God wanted me too, I could have been holding back a blessing from someone else.  So instead of me being a part of a blessing, instead I became this empty vacuum.  I could have been excited and blessed to help someone else, but instead I was being greedy and only focused on me.

Now you may be in that same boat that I was, only concerned about me, how will I make it through, who is going to pay for me?  You see when we give a little, God can give more.  Since changing my attitude I have learned that the more I give the more God gives and it blows my mind.  I have seen it countless times over the past years and I had absolutely no way of explaining how it happened other than God is good.

Luke 6:38 Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.

You may be asking yourself, well how does God do this?  That part I can’t explain, I always just say #GodsMath  You see God can do whatever He wants whether or not it makes sense to the human mind.  Trust that He will provide and take those negative excuses and discard them.  It is the excuses that are holding us back from seeing God’s blessing.
What other excuses have you personally given God to try and avoid answering God’s call?  Stop and take a moment to reflect on your life personally.  I challenge you to take that excuse that you have been giving God and make it a reality.  See what other plans that God has for you lined up.  You see how can God continue to give you new challenges if you haven’t conquered the first one?  How can God trust you to work through the storm if you are too afraid to step into the boat?  Make today the day that you change from saying no to saying yes Lord, use me!

At the beginning of the podcast I mentioned that something had happened to me that night when my car had to be taken in and I received the rental.  Later that evening after dinner I got a message from someone at the radio station in Green Bay Wisconsin telling me to tune into the station.  They were actually playing my wife’s song on the Q90FM in Green Bay.  I was speechless; humbled by the fact that God had opened that door.  You see I tried to open that door myself on several occasions and God kept the door closed.  But on the night of the worst day I have had in a while God came through and delivered a blessing for my family.

I share this story with you because I could have given up on Christian Music.  I could have given God yet another excuse and said it is too much work, I don’t have the time, God nothing is happening, but instead I stayed the course and continued to share the gospel even if the music didn’t go any farther than YouTube and iTunes.  I put all my faith and trust in God to lead me where He wanted me to go.

So today I beg you, no more excuses.  God could be waiting to bless you but yet waiting for you to answer His call.

Heavenly Father I thank you for the blessings that You provide.  I thank you for opening my eyes to Your ways and Your perfect timing.  I may want it now, but You alone Lord know when the perfect time is.  Lord, I pray for anyone listening that loves to provide excuses, I pray that You will rid their minds of these excuses and plant in them a willingness to see how You will change their lives for the better just by answering Your call.  Lord please continue to use me in any manner that You see fit.  In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

Thank you for tuning in to Faith Matters.  We greatly appreciate you taking the time to listen to our podcasts.  You can download them for free on our website http://www.KNGMusicMinistry.com  If there is a message that blessed you and you know someone else who needs it please feel free to share it.  If my testimonies, trials, and struggles can be a blessing to others then it has all been worth it.  If you would like to contact me, you can do so on Twitter @KNGMusic  Have a blessed day in the Lord.