Will You Stand Up For The Truth? – Poem

Will you stand up for the truth

Are you lost like the youth

When people attack

Do you want to hit back

Has life

Brought you nothing but strife

Are you ready to give up

Because of a breakup

This world can be cold

But when will you be bold

Will you be a witness before the judge

Or will you try to fudge

The rules

Like you did back in school

Nobody wants to take the blame

They would rather hide in their shame

Turn their backs

And cover their tracks

What happened to the righteous few

Who always knew

Whether to stand true

Or pass on through

You see, people don’t care

But they will complain “that’s not fair”

They will look at you with a blank stare

And complain about what you wear

Like that really matters anymore

Last night you slept on the floor

They don’t want to hear you are sore

Just complain about how loud you snore

Why can’t you get it right

I don’t have time to fight

No one left to give a kiss goodnight

All alone and full of fright

We need soldiers who are ready for battle

Who are not afraid of a rattle

The serpent has laid his trap

Many have fallen between the gap

The Church has lost their purpose today

Constantly trying to find a better way

To keep people that walk in the door

But who is really keeping the score

The bigger the building means what

Come inside and enjoy this donut

We want you to be comfortable here

Please don’t disappear

Do you have any friends to bring

5, now that is a beautiful ring

My ears can count the people

Listening to footsteps of the townspeople

1, 2, 3, four

They keep walking in the door

Is there really more to this process

Or are we just trying to get your adddress

Give us all your information

Invite in every nation

Fill you up like a gas station

And tell you about God’s creation

Can we do more

To fight this war

Christians are under attack

Should we fallback

Lay down on our backs

Pretend that the fake news is whack

Or maybe it is time to jump back

Get the Church back on track

Realize that the devil has been brewing

Using sin to continue wooing

The fleshly desires of man

This has always been his plan

Read your Bible and comprehend

That sin is not your friend

A sneaky snake tried to pretend

That a forbidden fruit would not offend

Never test the wrath of God

Mankind has since been flawed

In need of a Savior

Because of our behavior

Jesus took the weight of the cross

To cast our sins across

From as far as the East is to the West

Jesus gave you His best

Died and laid in a tomb

It must have been dark like your mother’s womb

Waiting for God to raise Him

The disciplines felt grim

But my Jesus could not be bound

He rose out of the grave and was crowned

Today we wait for His return

All of this you must learn

Time is short like a candle that has been lit

Eventually you will have to admit

When Jesus returns in all His glory

That this poem was not an empty story.
Copyright 2017 KNG Music and Praise First Publishing


If I …

If I poured my heart out to you, would you stop & listen?

If I had a story to share would you have a moment to hear?

How many times have I said my day is fine, but you never cared enough to question me?

If I was drowning would you stop to save me?

If I was stuck in a fire would you jump in to rescue me?

If I was living in sin, would you care enough to share the truth?

So many questions and yet how would you respond? Do we care enough about our brothers and sisters to be there in crucial moments. Is your Christian walk just a walk or is it a marathon that you are chasing after God? As we walk closer with the Lord the answers to these many questions become so clear. You won’t have to second guess, you won’t have to worry, doubt, or even let fear creep in. Jesus died on the cross to allow the Holy Spirit to dwell in you. Never take for granted the promises that are stated in the word of God. You are a child of God, you are the salt and light of this world, you can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you. Stop worrying about who will be offended. Won’t they be more upset if they are burning in a lake of fire and you never said a word?

God Provides Much – Poem

You thought it would be better

Until you felt cold like a winter with no sweater

You ran to where you thought was safe

Not realizing it caused your soul to chafe

You want to get back to where you once were

But the past has become a blur

You want to have what you once did

But the past was closed with a tight lid

How can you get back

When you lost the track

You can try to recreate

Doesn’t mean the food will taste the same on that plate

The weight of that decision

Has caused you to seek out a new vision

Maybe we can change & morph into something new

Or maybe you just lost that sticky glue

That kept it all together

Despite the painful cold weather

But now it is a new season

You keep looking for the reason

Why did God close that door

Why did you get knocked to the floor

Man will try many things to draw you in

But be careful not to let it be a sin

Life is full of many decisions

Be sure to pray for God’s provisions

If we take the wrong path

It could lead to God’s wrath

So choose wisely & don’t make haste

Because your decisions must be faced

Let your relationship with God be the true reason

That you have chosen to fall into this season

Never let anyone drive you to breaking

It is time for our eyes to begin waking

The truth is exposed for all to see

I pray that you will fall to your knee

Come back to where God wants you to be

Under the branches of this olive tree

Under His wing is warm & calm

When is the last time you read the Psalm

The word of God helps bring us wisdom

When dealing with topics outside of the kingdom

Trust God to open your eyes

To anyone who tries to bring you lies

I wish nothing but the best for you

Even if you decide to leave this crew

Make sure it is God who is calling

And not just your spirit which is stalling

The true voice of God speaks strong

He wants His family to all get along

So stop trying to divide

When Christ says the Church is my bride

Together united we will win

Continue to search within

For the call that God keeps placing

He wants to keep embracing

The feelings that you keep chasing

Together we must be facing

The time is short

Bring it all into God’s court

Let us not contort

The truth but instead show support

God teach us to trust

And no longer combust

Over things that are unjust

Instead we thrust

All our emotions, feelings, and such

To the Lord my God who provides much.

Copyright 2017 KNGMusic and Praise First Publishing

Draw Me Back To Thee – Poem

If I was poor

Would you open your door

If I was on the floor

Would you help me more

If I had no clothes in my drawer

Would you take me to a store

How many times

Would you offer your dime

How many rhymes

Must I share before you will climb

It is lunch time

The food I have is sour like a lime

How much would it cost

For you to help save the lost

How much food have you tossed

Speaking hot air like exhaust

It is cold, I can see the frost

Yet all you talk about is that cross

How can I focus on such a thing

My stomach is still growling

Just a piece of bread will make me sing

Warm me like a hot spring

I am still waiting for you to bring

Me to this Man that you call King

You talk about Him day and night

What good is that, I am full of fright

You talk of Jesus being a bright light

But in my darkness I have lost sight

Please oh please just share the highlights

Let your good news be my flashlight

Lead me back to where I belong

I walked away and I know I was wrong

I want to find my new song

So I can sing His praises all the day long

Can I come along

When is He coming, I hope it won’t be long

My body is weak

My outlook is bleak

The people call me a freak

My joints make loud creaks

Why is Jesus so unique

Please teach me to seek

You said He died for my sin

Why would anyone die for this has been

You said that Jesus did win

Conquered death, did He have a twin

When did this all begin

How can Jesus live within

I want to have this new life you speak of

I want to receive His love

Please God bless me from above

Show me Your truelove

I am ready to shove

The old me aside and fall in love

With the one who made me

The one who saved me

Jesus I need Thee

To open my heart with Your key

Please set me free

And draw me back to Thee!

Copyright 2017 KNG Music and Praise First Publishing


You Wanted Me To Fail – Poem

You wanted me to fail

But God told me to exhale

Stop worrying about the hate mail

Jesus paid the price for the sale

His hands were pierced by nails

He broke out of that jail

That boulder tossed like a snail

He tore the veil

The women did wail

Can’t you read the braille

Jesus is not dead, He left no trail

He died to tip the scale

To bring you grace so please inhale

God will always prevail

Open your eyes, remove the scales

The life of Jesus is not a fish tale

He died, beaten, tortured, & frail

But we wait patiently for His return on the clouds like a sail

The Bible contains all the detail

Be ready for God to unveil

Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, keep us fresh, never stale.
Copyright 2017 KNGMusic & Praise First Publishing


Overcome With Sin – Poem

Overcome with sin

Don’t let Jesus in

He will ruin all the fun

And then my life will be done

Just one more time

I still have a dime

Pass the drugs

Just sweep the past under the rug

I want to run away

From everything that wants me to stay

What more can you offer

I will eventually end up in a coffer

Put up on a shelf

Like that little elf

Moved around the room

That will be my doom

Until tomorrow comes

This is what I have become

A vapor of mist

Gone before you can diss

Me or my way of life

I have always lived in strife

Shackled from head to toe

No one to call my little bro

By why would you care

All you ever did was stare

Like I had some strange disease

No wonder I could never please

Caught up in anger and pain

No wonder I am insane

Who can cure my evil thoughts

Dispersed across these parking lots

I roam the streets

Looking for trash that contains treats

Any little piece

That can warm me like bed sheets

Why did you never tell me

That Jesus could set me free

Why did you never share

About how God was really fair

I have continuously suffered

While staying away from this buzzard

He thought I was almost dead

But then someone shared the daily bread

He sat down with me

Opened my eyes to see

As He read each page

I was no longer enraged

He calmed my soul

I received a new goal

He broke all my chains

He put life back in my veins

Jesus You are truly God

Thank you for sparring the rod

I deserved to be thrown in jail

But instead you took 3 nails

You died on a cross for me

You changed my plea

I was guilty as charged

But by grace my sins have been discharged

I now have a chance

To be removed from my trance

Set free to make a difference

And overcome all the indifference

To You I pledge my being

For my wellbeing

Thank you Lord

For bringing me onboard

Oh death where is your sting

Resurrection has a brand new ring

Jesus has overcome

And now I am I longer numb

I sit here and cry

I no longer have to be a tough guy

Praise Your Holy name

You have removed all my shame

Use me Lord to reach the lost

So no one else will be tossed…

Copyright 2017 KNG Music & Praise First Publishing


My God Saves – Poem

Why do I bother?

This world keeps getting hotter

That man checking out my daughter

In hell you will be begging for water

Just a drop to quench the thirst

My emotions about to burst

Adam & Eve brought this curse

Yet she couldn’t pay, nothing in her purse

A ransom was raised

Yet Adam stood amazed

Lost & confused really he was dazed

Wondering why God phased

Them out of the garden

Begging for God’s pardon

It doesn’t work that way

Even though the snake did say

Did God really say?

Don’t touch or you will pay?

Tricked by deception

We needed an immaculate conception

How else could we be saved

Our sins & flesh they craved

Desires of what we want

That snake used small font

But‪ today you say Jesus saved you‬

But you keep singing that same tune

Walking around with buffoons

Empty like a balloon

Constantly staring at the moon

This world acts like they are immune

My sin is breaking me

I want to be set free

But no matter the cost

Many people are still lost

They care not about the Lord

Being at Church they get bored

Going for music and friends

Maybe that is the new trend?

But who are you really?

The word Christian seems so silly

Overused to the point it means nothing

Stop your huffing & puffing

I will no longer sugar coat

Because you will miss the boat

Jesus is the only lifeboat

Time is running short

Step into the court

You can’t win

Sitting on the sidelines full of sin

Time to get cleaned up

Let Jesus fill your cup

You can’t make a shot

Unless you concentrate in thought

Jesus bought

Your life to make sure your soul didn’t rot

To break the chains

Let the Holy Spirit fall like rain

Remove all the pain

No more strain

God sent His only Son

He said it is finished & then all was done

But in 3 days

That stone was rolled away

So that all mankind

No longer stuck in rewind

Today you can be changed

Jesus Christ exchanged

His life He gave up

So you could be lifted up

Make sure you keep your head up

Focused on Jesus it is time to stand up!

Shout glory glory glory!

For my God is Holy

Saved by the blood of the Lamb

Pass around this telegram!

My God saves!

Because of Him, we are no longer slaves!


Copyright 2017 KNGMusic / Praise First Publishing

In Your Darkest Hour…

In your darkest hour I can’t save you. I can share what Jesus has done in my life, but I can’t make you accept Him. I can tell of all the wondrous things He has done, but I can’t make you see them for yourself.

My faith is not your faith and it never will be. You have to experience Jesus for yourself. You have to invite that relationship. It is like a blind date, I can’t go on the date for you. Buckle up, step on the gas, and put your soul on drive to seek out the Lord.

Time is of the essence. We don’t know if tomorrow will ever come so do it today. No matter how much I scream of His return, it is up to you to believe. The Bible declares that Jesus will return, even the Quran says that also yet you don’t believe?

I place my trust in the Lord, that He will provide for all my needs according to His riches and glory. I place no faith in man because I have been let down time and time again. Wake up and take the bull by the horns, no more excuses.

Jesus died on a cross for you and me. The Bible declares it, the history books show it, but yet you question it?

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that He gave his only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.”

I am not asking you to believe what I am saying. I am asking you to search your heart and ask God to show you with your own eyes how real He really is! There is no substitute! There is no other way to Heaven. Don’t let the life coaches try to coach you to being a good person, that will never be enough.

We all need Jesus!

Will you accept Him today? 😇

Why Are You Scared? – Poem

Why are you scared?

I thought you really cared

Jesus declared

I am the way so be prepared

Too many living impaired

Because of Christ you have been spared

Yet you keep living lost

But at what cost?

Your soul covered in frost

Needing to be tossed

Into the oven

Warmed by Jesus’ love in

But what will It take?

You keep trying to break

Every rule like God made a mistake

Maybe an earthquake?

Will chase you to shake

And stop listening to the snake

For God’s sake

Stop being a snowflake

Defrost & be a part of the outbreak

Like winning a sweepstake

You have been nominated

Jesus was hated

But don’t be frustrated

Every soul saved makes the angels elated

Being cool is over rated

You have been created

To be activated

As a soldier we must be animated

So others can be elevated

Teach them the word to be educated

We need to be motivated

The word was provided unadulterated

Let us hold dear

The scriptures that remove fear

Have you put your life in gear?

Are you letting God steer?

We must be sincere

To make sure the enemy can’t interfere

Don’t make Jesus shed another tear

Join with me in cheer

Hell was conquered when Jesus appeared

Because your sins have been cleared

By His blood that was smeared

Your past has disappeared❗


Copyright 2017 KNG Music / Praise First Publishing