For My Son – Poem

When you were born

My world was torn

By when I looked into your eyes

Oh what a surprise

God blessed me with a baby boy

Oh such joy

Your mom almost died

The doctors said her levels were too high

I was focused on you

God told me He would pull her through

The nurse combed your hair

I watched as your lungs took in air

Amazed by what God has done

I can’t believe my first son

But isn’t that amazing

As we stand there in awe & gazing

We know not what the future holds

We trust God’s words that have been told

Raise him up in the Lord

Even when he says he is bored

The word of God will give him a rock

That he can fall back onto when shock

Arises within his heart

Because the enemy will shoot his fiery dart

To attack the ones who are weak

Even now as we speak

But my trust remains in You

The only one who has brought me through

The good the bad the ugly

The nasty the terrible the pain

Thank you Jesus for Your grace

Because I have tried to run this race

I can’t keep up anymore

My son I give to You to watch once more

Guide him when the darkness comes

Teach him who to turn from

Lord I must trust your word

You provide for all the birds

Surely You will take care of my son

Every time he tries to run

Love him back into Your arms

Raise him like a fawn on a farm

Nourish his young mind

There isn’t much time left to grind

Thank you God for taking my fears

Please wipe away all my tears


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