They Hanged Jesus & They Want ME Too!

I keep telling people I have changed,

They keep yelling that I need to be hanged,

Why can’t I get a break,

They just want to grab my trach,

Maybe you should hang me up,

Wrap around my neck so I yell like a pup,

How many times do I have to run,

Back to the same old drum,

That keeps beating my head in,

With the same old sin,

You see I am not who I once was,

God saved me just because,

He loved me like He loves you,

That is why I keep spitting the truth,

Maybe one day you will see,

Why Jesus wants to set you free,

I keep crying like there’s no tomorrow,

Because you keep thinking you can borrow,

More time like you own a Delorean, 

When really you aren’t even a historian,

It takes 1.21 gigawatts to make you think,

That’s why they call you chicken with all that pink,

So Doc I ask you,

How can I get back at you,

The future where Jesus has me,

Set to receive Him so I can see,

That there is no other option,

Come back to God like there’s an auction,

He paid that price,

So don’t make me tell you twice!


Copyright 2016


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