The Burning Fire Within


If I say something and it makes a person feel guilty, it is not me trying to convict them but the Holy Spirit. God has changed my life, and I can no longer deny how awesome He is. Almost daily, I am seeing things happening in my life that only He could produce. I still have my struggles, but I always come through them because I know God is just testing my Faith. Imagine looking at the world without fear because you really trust in God to provide for you. What would that look like if you had Faith like that? I am not questioning the Faith of others, but I invite them to question their own Faith. It requires a heartfelt relationship with Jesus to opens one’s eyes, their heart, and their mind. A person can never understand where I am at until they have been there themselves.

If I can be honest, I will walk the line and say there have only been a few Christian people that I have met that stand out as having the Holy Spirit. There is something different about these people but they actually get it. There is one person in particular that I always admired; I wanted to have Faith like her, and be able to pray like her. I could tell that God was always with her. I can finally say that after years and years of being a Christian, I finally get it. Yes, I will admit it that I was a Christian a.k.a. churchgoer that thought all I had to do was go to church, listen to the Pastor, and then be a good person which would lead me to Heaven. I have learned that there is another level, not a cult or anything weird, but a personal relationship with God that is more rewarding. For the past two years, God has been working in my life, pruning branches, testing my Faith with fire. He allowed me to hit rock bottom yet I was at peace with my life. I came to the understanding that in order for me to receive blessings from God, I had to eliminate the things of this world. I started cutting out the things I collected, the music I listened to, the friends I hung out with. Not to say that they were that bad, but if God was to return in this instance, would you give your life for the friend standing next to you? If your answer is no, then they definitely aren’t a good enough friend.

I find myself daily praying to God for the things in my life. Yet, I don’t just pray; I also lift my voice in praise. Even today, with all the negative things that are happening with my wife’s job, I am praising His name because I know He is going to open new doors. I know that this sounds completely strange to praise God when my wife is losing her job, but you can’t understand until your own Faith exceeds your natural vision. It is not what you see and know but what is to come. God continues to blow my mind, and I love every moment. I can’t express it enough. I am sure my friends on Facebook are probably tired of hearing about God (yes most of them Christians), but when it comes down to it, how many of them have the fire burning within? Like I said before, not my place to judge, but if my talking about God and my walk offends someone, then maybe they need to take a step back and think about their walk with God. My goal has changed from becoming some successful guy with a new car and big house to a man that wants to change lives that are broken and lost into those restored and found in Christ. I am standing on my Faith when I tell you that God will one day allow me to reach thousands upon thousands of people and share my story so that all may know His glory and grace.









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