God’s Purpose for You

Each person goes through life trying to understand what to live for. God has opened new doors and continues to do so. I know not everyone believes in God on my friends list but if your life is just to get up to go to work, come home to nothing, and go hang out with friends, wouldn’t you want to have more? There is a purpose for each person no matter your age or your past. Once you find God in your life, the world starts to look differently. Once God reveals your purpose, you finally realize the big picture He has been painting the whole time. God can’t give you the easy street because we won’t appreciate His blessings; we are molded into perfection by trials. If you asked me if I would ever be a preacher or a pastor, I would have told you no way. I don’t have enough knowledge or understanding of the Bible. The more I pushed away from it, the more that God has been showing me the wisdom He has placed in my heart. I am far from perfect but a vessel that God has chosen to reach those that are lost. I am truly blessed to be making videos & talking to people daily about God and what He has done for me. My Faith and my walk have been rising to new heights. God has been constantly using other people to speak blessings over my family. You don’t really have a walk with Christ until you are ready to listen to His will and be obedient. I am ready Lord; continue to use me for your purpose so that all may know you are the one true God that is alive today.


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