Do you know who holds the future?

I have been traveling down a long road and have finally come to the turning point. I am ready to move forward and leave my past behind me. People are questioning me and the decisions I am making. I feel like God has been the driving force in helping me get through a broken marriage and yet healing my heart to love again. I told my fiancée at the time I met her that we were not compatible and that I didn’t want any relationships. Yet time and time again it felt like God was getting us together to talk and interact. I told her this isn’t going to be easy, this is going to be an uphill battle. I can’t trust a woman again after everything I have gone through. Kristeen told me not to worry and she would be transparent in everything she did. She overly communicated with me to help build a foundation of trust.

People think I am moving to fast, people think I am doing everything for the wrong reasons, but how do they know? They are not living in my house, they do not know my daily life that I live out each day. I have turned to God during all my heartache because who else would listen, who else would completely understand my situation? God did! God put His arm around me and said you are going to be okay. I am now coming out of my tunnel and looking to keep down the track that God has set before me. I have learned not to seek the opinions of others because everyone has their own thoughts about how to move forward. I have put my trust in God and that He alone will guide me along this track until He decides it is time for me to change my position.

I have given my heart to Kristeen because she has captured it with her tender kindness. I tell her daily how blessed I feel to have someone that steps in to help, loves on my kids, and completely understands my emotions. Marriage is not about finding the best looking or richest partner, but more about finding someone that wants to grow with you and work with you. There is no such thing as an easy marriage, it takes hard work, communication, and an understanding that the union of two people becoming one must last no matter what comes against it. I have dedicated myself to Kristeen and I have received her oath as well to become one body before God. Together we shall look to do the will of God. We shall seek out what God has planned for our lives and let Him open the doors.

All I ask of you my fellow brethren is that you continue to pray for our relationship and all of the other couples that have decided to give their lives to each other. Marriage is tough but we ask that instead of taking sides when it gets tough, give advise for those couples to search out God and seek wisdom from The Lord to guide them.


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